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          Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation

          Shandong Treeful Jiejing Pharmaceutical Co., LTD

          Making the past serve the present, we assemble the most efficient performance of seaweed research both here and abroad;

          Getting get rid of the stale and taking in the fresh, we absorb the soul of modern biotechnology process monotechnics;

          Working with perseverance, we have been in researching with innovation with great concentration for ten years;

          Were now dedicating to people a new curative and health product coming from ocean.

          Life can be traceable to ocean. We will continue to dedicated ourselves to modern applied science and technology forever, and to make the ancient life source nourish people and take care of peoples health continuously.

          Address98 Shenzhen West Road,Rizhao,Shandong
          (86-6338616878 8236860 8616879
          Website www.mourviels.com
          jiejing-bio @ jiejing-bio.com