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        2. gӭLwww.mourviels.com
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          The Address of General Manager

            Enterprise  Culture

          Friendly Contacts

          Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation

          Shandong Treeful Jiejing Pharmaceutical Co., LTD

          Enterprise Spirit

          Solidarity  Honesty & Faithfulness   Innovation   Eternal Ambition  Fulfilling  action  
          Enterprise Idea 

          The core force promoting our enterprise to develop is personnel and technology innovation.
          The essential rule guiding our management is the law and customers satisfaction.  

          Enterprise Style  

          The enterprise sparkplugs the working style of comity & cooperation, exploration & innovation, steadiness & high efficiency and no satisfaction for ever.
          The enterprise practise the management style of law-abiding & faithful, respecting customers, providing good service, mutually benefiting & getting more profits.  

          Enterprise Aim

          To develop marine resources and dedicate to health field.  
          To get gather the abilities and wisdoms abroad widely and lead forward the applied technique.
          To serve peoples health with full heart.        

          Address98 Shenzhen West Road,Rizhao,Shandong
          (86-6338616878 8236860 8616879
          Website www.mourviels.com
          jiejingbio@ jiejing-bio.com