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          Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation

           Rizhao Jiejing Ocean Biotechnology Development Co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise, based on Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation provincial level technology development center and the provincial level seaweed processing project research center in 2003. It is specially engaged in new product  of the marine life project, the new technical development and the technical achievement application transforms.

          Depending on the abundant scientific research & development strength and the advanced technique of production, Rizhao Jiejing Ocean Biotechnology Development Co., LTD has successively accepted more than 10 item of the national torch plan project such as "Fucoidan" and the provincial level science and technology innovation plan project, and has the honor to receiving the first prize in  the Shandong Province science and technology spark 1 time ,and the Shandong Province advance in technology second prize 1 time, third prize 2 times.

          Rizhao Jiejing Ocean Biotechnology Development Co., LTD devotes to creating a technical JIEJING, a green JIEJING and a reputable JIEJINGs brand image. Weve strictly established the scientific standard business management system according to ISO9001 quality system system and the environment management system of ISO14001.

          As the enterprise who can use mature technology to make scale production of Fucoidan and other seaweed extracts presently in China, and to produce Chitosan Oligosaccharide with the raw material of medical Chitosan, Jiejing Ocean Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. takes this as the core, positively constructs the competition in seaweed bio-engineering field , and take the current fast growth of marine life project industry in whole world as the turning point, follows the strategy of "Innovation & Brand" to achieve a steady and fast development.

          Facing  to the future, Jiejing Ocean Biotechnology Development Co. will continue to take human health as her own duty, will continue to emphasize the construction of talents and teams, will constantly innovate and continuously re-adjust and optimize all kinds of resources, will positively promote the competition in the global medicine industry and to make a modern international marine organism company.

          Address98 Shenzhen West Road,Rizhao,Shandong
          (86-6338616878 8236860 8616879
          Website www.mourviels.com
          jiejingbio@ jiejing-bio.com